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History of the High Mountain Coffee 10K Road Race
In 1982 Paul McGowan, former sports master of Belair School, approached Mr. Jackie Minott, Managing Director of Jamaica Standard Products Co. Ltd. (JSP), with the idea of sponsoring a 10K Road Race for Manchester, he accepted immediately. The rest is history. The High Mountain Coffee 10K Road Race was inaugurated in 1983 and named after one of the company's brand of coffee. Today, the High Mountain Coffee 10K Road Race is the longest running road race on the island as well as the best attended by participants and onlookers

The proposal for a 10K event aligned with JSP's vision of creating an opportunity for long distance running in Manchester and community development. The event has become the most anticipated in the parish – which makes it the second Christmas for individuals in Manchester and neighboring parishes. It provides economic benefit to persons at different levels of the community; from hotels and supermarkets to shopkeepers and food vendors.

The 10 Kilometre route is designed to test the athletes' skill and endurance. This route is arguably the most grueling 10K in the entire island and which has attracted both local and overseas athletes. The route begins at the Williamsfield roundabout in the vicinity of the overhead bridge and stretches up the mountainous slopes of the Winston Jones Highway to its intersection with the Kendal Main Road . The route snakes through Kendal to Shooter's Hill, pass the Windalco gates to the finish line at Williamsfield.

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